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Why should you choose vinyl windows when replacing windows in your home?

There are significant advantages of vinyl over aluminum and wood.


Not only are vinyl windows advantageous to you, but also to the environment:

  • Energy Efficient – vinyl windows require 1/3 less energy to produce than aluminum and steel windows
  • Reduces Waste – more than 99% of all vinyl ends up in the finished products
  • Thermal Performance – window frames and sashes constructed of vinyl maintain interior comfort and reduce energy consumption
  • Long Life-Span -Ai??products can last for decades then be recycled into new products, extending the material life-span even further
  • Sustainable – nearly 60% of its principal raw material is derived from common salt
  • Durable – vinyl and composite building products will not rot or corrode and do not require frequent cleaning and painting like other materials, reducing the use of harsh chemicals and helping conserve resources.

OKC Replacement Windows only sell vinyl windows because we believe they are the best choice in replacement windows.Ai?? Let us show you how we can UPGRADE your home AND your expectations of customer service!