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Replace Your Old Windows With Modern And Versatile Windows!

Replace Your Old Windows With Modern And Versatile Windows!

People who have old fashioned windows in their homes can have them replaced with modern and attractive windows to give the area completely different and fresh look. The two most common types of windows, which are in trend all over the world, available in the market are single/double hung windows and horizontal slider windows.

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Single/Double hung windows

The top sash is permanently fixed of single hung window, but the bottom sash is movable, we can easily pull the bottom sash of this window up in order to let the air flow through it. This window is usually fixed at porches, backyards and small cabins. In the double-hung windows, both the sashes are movable, you can operate the window by sliding any of its sashes up or down to allow the air can pass from it. These windows are generally installed in porches, gardens, houses, kids’ rooms and rooms facing walkways, etc. Sliding windows are easy to clean as the exterior face of sashes can be leaned inwards so that the outer glass can also be cleaned regularly.

Horizontal slider windows or sliding windows:

Sliding windows are approximately twice the size of the single or double hung windows. These windows open horizontally along the track in its frames. Since the size is large, sliding windows are installed to enjoy better views and let more natural light and air come inside a building. Moreover, you can fix a box fan in these windows to have the air stirred.

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Sliding windows are more efficient than hung windows as the seal of these windows are very tough and tight that play an important role in chilled winters and scorching summers to keep the extreme temperatures out. The window panes are easy to clean and you can do this on your own without taking any help of professional window cleaners.

Both of these windows have their own certain styles and benefits, the decision to select which one of these two  depends upon the purpose and place for you are buying it.

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